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Greg Radler

Chief Mechanical Officer/Mechanical Staff Coordinator

Railroading History & Background

Greg Radler has been involved with SP 982 and TRPA since the group’s
inception in 1989. He served as part of the original restoration crew and was
instrumental in bringing 982 to its current home in Houston. He currently
serves as Chief Mechanical Officer for the group and Mechanical Staff Coordinator for the restoration crew.
He has been a member of the Board of Directors since 1989 and has served
as President, Vice President and a number of other positions on the board
since 1990. He has even served as a locomotive mechanic, fireman and engineer on the Galveston Railroad Museum, and helped the museum acquire some equipment  When not working or managing 982 activities, he enjoys spending time working on and repairing various mechanical objects, traveling, tinkering
with his classic cars and tractors and working local airshows.

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