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Paige Kirkland

Treasurer/Assistant Fundraising Officer


Paige started out working for CPA firms doing audits for non profit, government and private companies. After a few years she moved on to helping run the financial side of manufacturing plants and different businesses.


"I am a self proclaimed dork that has a passion for forensic accounting and forecasting. I lucked out and ran across an advertisement for the position of Treasurer for the TRPA...! I spoke with Micah... about the opening and I feel this is one of the neatest projects I could possibly be invited to work on! Being the self proclaimed dork that I am the idea of old railroad restoration is just TOO COOL and I'm so excited to join in on this amazing project! These steam engines and railcars will preserve history and give every day people an experience of stepping back in time. I'm so excited to be a part of the Board and can't wait for the excitement the future of this project will bring!"


Paige has a very enthusiastic, optimistic, and determined personality. She is a hidden gem for TRPA as she makes sure funds and assets are properly kept in order and used appropriately so that deadlines can be met.

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