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The "Ol' 982"

Built: 1919 
Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works
Railroad Company: Southern Pacific/Subsidiaries
Fuel: Oil/Water
Wheel Arrangement: 2-10-2 (Santa Fe Type/Referred to as "Dec's" on the SP)

982 was donated in 1957 by Southern Pacific Lines and moved for display in Hermann Park by McGovern Lake, but in 2021 ol' 982 started getting a new lease on life!



After a 37 year operating career, and over 55 years of being on display... now's the time to light her fire again!


982 moving into Hermann Park, 1957 (Photo from: Houston Junior Chamber of Commerce)

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We at the Texas Railway Preservation Association are committed to demonstrating and exhibiting the significant history and sciences of railroading in Texas and the Southern Continental region. Utilizing the core values of community involvement and positive impact, family unity through project participation and education, and creating lasting memories with long-lasting opportunities.  


This is done by way of:


  • Providing and facilitating educational, interactive, and live exhibitions of railroad information, practices, related sciences, and business history in an innovative and sustainable way. 

  • Providing real-world operations, maintenance, and restorative demonstration and work learning opportunities with total inclusivity and individual growth in mind. 

  • Promoting family unity and minority community growth through involvement by way of affordable vacation travel and participation in restoration, betterment, and operation of equipment. 

  • Acquiring, restoring, and utilizing both vintage and unique pieces of railroad rolling stock and railroad-related buildings.

  • Collecting, cataloging, and preserving an archive of photographs, drawings, artwork, and various records with a primary emphasis on Texas-based past and present railroads.

  • Creating, collaborating, and growing a south-central U.S network of operating equipment and vacation opportunities, and active museum terminals. 


As the TRPA grows and further develops new ways to reach our audience, the website will slowly expand and change! Check back regularly to see what is added or updated in regards to project updates and status. You can also find us on Facebook, Youtube and soon Instagram for updates. You can also send us a message below if you have questions or are interested in helping the effort of bringing our engine on a trip near you. 

You can also press the "Donate Now" button above to help make history, and preserve Houston's 982. 

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