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Micah Rogers

Public Relations/Strategic Business Development

Railroading History & Background

Micah Rogers is a native Houstonian, with very fond memories of SP 982. As a child, being homeschooled in the Montrose area, his aunt would take him to the art and museum district of Houston for school and field trips. It eventually became a part of his daily routine to walk to Hermann Park and see Ol’ 982.  Since 2016 he has been a part of TRPA and our mission that has the potential to change the way Texans and tourist alike see our diverse state and ours hard working heritage. 982 always held a very special place in his heart, as the first steam locomotive he ever saw in person. This led him on a path of restoring steam locomotives, railcars, diesel locomotives, engineering, and project managing at various tourist and mainline railroads.


"I can say if it wasn’t for 982 inspiring me as a child then I wouldn’t be able to work on it today. It feels good to know that a homegrown organization is and has always taken the initiative to bring back and give this engine a job once more. Its new job is, serving the public with each chuff. I think my dreams were surpassed, and I'm thrilled to create the strategies needed to share a piece of my childhood with the next generation, except this time, it's alive."

-Micah Rogers

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